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Sonic Sea – An Award-Winning Documentary from the NRDC

 Sonic Sea  pic

Sonic Sea

Since 2005, Christopher “Chris” McNally has served as president of Falcon Enterprises Associates (DBA Falcon Project Quality Management) in New York City. Beyond his professional pursuits, Chris McNally supports environmental groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

In addition to overseeing programs focused on climate change, energy, water, and other areas, the NRDC pursues a variety of projects and initiatives to raise awareness about global environmental issues. In early 2016, the organization celebrated the world premiere of Sonic Sea, a documentary it produced with Imaginary Forces and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Narrated by Rachel McAdams, Sonic Sea highlights the ways that noise pollution in the ocean affects whales and other marine animals. A major problem worldwide, noise from commercial ships, machinery, and other sources is interfering with the ocean’s acoustic habitat and making it difficult for animals to communicate with one another.

Throughout 2016, Sonic Sea was screened at several US festivals, including the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, where it won the Jury Award and the Jean de Graff Environmental Filmmaking Award. The documentary also won awards at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, the Yosemite International Film Festival, the United Nations Association Film Festival, and other events.

More recently, Sonic Sea, which premiered globally on the Discovery Channel, took home awards for Outstanding Nature Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound at the 2017 News and Documentary Emmy Awards. The film was also nominated for the 2017 Graphic Design and Art Direction Emmy.


Tisch School of the Arts, New York University – MFA in Filmmaking


MFA in Filmmaking pic

MFA in Filmmaking

Before becoming president of Falcon Project Quality Management in New York, Christopher “Chris” McNally attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a bachelor of arts in history. Chris McNally also attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he earned his MFA.

Founded in 1965, the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU features a wide variety of courses in theatre and film production, allowing students to choose those that fit with their desired career goals. Graduate programs include areas like dance, acting, stage design, musical theatre writing, and film.

The graduate film studies program allows students to achieve a master of fine arts in film, providing a full range of skills to help prepare students for their desired career. During the three-year program, students will produce a minimum of four short films and take part in several shooting exercises to help develop their skills in filmmaking.